Playgroup Membership

Want to join?

New members are always welcome. 

If you live near Belgrave and care for a child aged 0-6 years, you can join. Come and try a free playgroup session. 

Although we are a not for profit organisation, there is an annual fee.

What Your Membership Fee includes:

  • Use of our centre during your playgroup session at least once a week for a calendar year – Mid-January to mid-December.
  • Tea and coffee, art supplies and a well stocked toy larder that will appeal to all ages!
  • Additional children in your family can attend Playgroup for free.
  • Access to all of our fun playgroup community events.

We’re flexible! Once you are a member you can change groups or be an active member of more than one group. For example, if you have two young children of different ages, you can join two playgroup sessions so your children can make their own friends with similarly aged children.

We currently have time slots available for new groups to use. Contact us to discuss this. 

Why not come along for  a free trial and see if you like us?

And here’s the Nuts and Bolts of it!

Although we are a not for profit organisation, there is a fee to use the Cottage to meet with your group. This covers your membership (usually from mid January to mid December) as well as all consumables like tea/coffee, art supplies, toilet paper etc! We’re sure you will find this great value, as you will have at least two hours of playgroup once a week, every week for the entire year!

 Whether you are joining the Cottage Playgroup for the first time, or renewing your membership, our Enrollments Officer will ask you to complete an enrollment form with your important details on it. They will then issue you with an invoice so you can transfer the payment easily. 

 What does it cost to join the Playgroup? 

The Belgrave Lake Park Cottage Playgroup’s fees are as follows:

$40 Playgroup Victoria Insurance ($30 concession): Insurance (via Playgroup Victoria Inc. Membership) is non-negotiable and the fee is determined by Playgroup Victoria Inc. This must be paid within 14 days of joining the Cottage. You can join at but you must provide the Enrolment Officer with your Playgroup Vic receipt. Our Playgroup ID is 36400. All Playgroup Victoria memberships expire on the 1st of March each year. The Enrolment Officer will send out a renewal reminder prior to this date.


$145 Annual Fee (or $40 per term + $25 annual maintenance levy): This is to assist in the purchasing of toys, arts and craft supplies, equipment, cleaning and general supplies plus upkeep of the centre. Can be paid in full or on a term by term basis.  The annual amount includes the yearly maintenance levy of $25. The Enrolment officer will issue fee invoices in late January.

Playgroup sessions

We currently run 2 playgroup sessions each week day.

AM Session – Anytime up till midday

PM Session –Anytime after midday

Out of courtesy for your neighbouring groups, we ask that your group finishes its session at the appropriate time.

As at 30/04/17 we have three vacant group session times available.

  • Monday – after midday
  • Tuesday – after midday
  • Wednesday – after midday

If you have a group of 3 members or more you may be able to take one of these time slots.

Please contact our Enrollment Officer if you are interested  in our Playgroup, as they will be sure to have up to date information on Time-slots available and may be able to recommend an existing group with similar aged children that would love new members.

PLEASE NOTE: We are not able to use the Cottage on days declared a Total Fire Ban. This applies to Party Hire and Playgroup. We apologise for any inconvenience. 


One Term / 3 Month Membership 

(Available from October -December, for first time members only, not applicable to renewals)

If you join in the last three months of the calendar year, the 3 month membership fees are as follows:

1. Insurance payment to Playgroup Victoria – $10 Family Membership*

2. Centre operating payment to Belgrave Lake Park Cottage Playgroup – $40

*This covers your insurance from 1st October to 31st December.

Health Care Cardholder 

If you are a Health Care Cardholder,  you are entitled to a discounted membership to both organisations. Please note you may have to provide a copy of your current Health Care Card to our Enrolment Officer.  

1. Insurance payment to Playgroup Victoria – $30
2. Centre operating payment to Belgrave Lake Park Cottage Playgroup  – $80 Annual Fee or $20 per term


Q. Can I just hire the Cottage for a one-off Birthday/ Christening Celebration/ Naming Party/ Baby Shower/ Bar Mitzvah /Baek-il / Weaning Party or ANY other kind of children’s party?

A. Yes! Have a look at the information under the Party Venue Hire section. 


We know this information can be overwhelming, especially when you’ve got a new baby! Please contact us with any questions.