March 2018 Working Bee

BLPC Working Bee March 4 2018


Happy 2018 and Welcome Back to Playgroup!


We hope you’ve all had a lovely festive season with your loved ones full of sun, swimming and sand in it’s rightful place.

Playgroup is back in action for most groups now and the 2018 Committee have had their first meeting last night.

There were lots of ideas for fun,  ‘noice’ and ‘unusual’ events for members and non-members in the upcoming year and by the power of volunteerism we hope to achieve them all!

Do you have any ideas about ways to improve our playgroup?

  • Fundraising ideas?
  • Community building ideas?
  • Organisational changes?
  • Maintenance or physical improvements you would like to suggest or do?
  • Event wishes?
  • Party and Playgroup promotion suggestions?

Speaking of which, we have afternoon sessions available for new groups this year and plenty of spots for individuals to squeeze in to existing groups meeting in the morning sessions. Please let your networks know or tell us if you want to move time slots.

We are desperately seeking Susan someone to be our Party Coordinator / Venue Show-er-off-erer for 2018. Could it be you?

So welcome back and please tell your group leader or email with any inquiries,  suggestions or concerns. We’d love to hear from you.

Best wishes,

Your 2018 Belgrave Lake Park Playgroup Committee.






Let’s party like it’s 1981 (or whatever era you attended Playgroup)!



21st October 2017
11 am – 3 pm

The Belgrave Lake Park Cottage Playgroup invite you and your family to join us in a celebrating our past and present Playgroup Community.

It’s been roughly 35 years since the Belgrave Lake Park Cottage Playgroup began!

We are celebrating the lifelong friendships and connections that attending and volunteering at our Playgroup can give. The Cottage has also been used for countless other activities over the years and we would love you to come along and share your story.

We will be:

  • Unveiling an Acknowledgement of Country plaque,
  • Opening an Indigenous themed, dry river style, sensory garden in the front yard,
  • Creating content for and burying a TIME CAPSULE!
  • Hosting outdoor story-time sessions
  • Making Mosaics for permanent display in our garden
  • Crafting super-special history themed artworks to take home
  • Displaying whatever photos we can get showing how people have played here over the years and…
  • Reminiscing with new and old friends about the Cottage.

We’d love you to come along on the day. We should have at least three generations of playful folk represented! If you can, we’d appreciate you bringing a plate of food to share, preferably themed to the era you attended!

Please send photos you are happy for us to share to We greatly appreciate ANY photos you have. If you have hard copies we are happy to scan them and get them back to you ASAP.

If you have a story about what the Playgroup means, or has meant, to you please email that too. We hope to assemble some stories and photos into a small book which can be ordered on the day.

Please share this event widely through your networks.  

Please email or phone Emma on 043 4019 346 for press and general enquiries.

This event also occurs during History Week and Children’s Week 2017 and we hope to celebrate both!


Here’s a sneak peak at what might happen on the day. And what did happen at the Cottage back in The Summer of ’81. BLPC Sharon King 1981 or 82 Original Playgroup Members Kids eating. Di looking at polaroids